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Krieghoff has been crafting superior firearms for over 125 years. From competition shotguns to fine European hunting guns, the name "Krieghoff" stands for fine design, quality engineering and modern manufacturing.

Whether you are choosing a K-80 for sporting clays, game shooting, trap or skeet, it will be built around the same receiver, the difference between the models being in barrel length, rib configuration, and stock dimensions.

The Receiver

The K-80 receiver is the heart of the K-80 system. A workhorse capable of firing many hundreds of thousands of rounds in its lifetimes it begins as a piece of high quality forged steel being shaped in sophisticated computer controlled CNC machines. It is finished in the best tradition of German craftsmanship, all internal parts filed and hand fit with the consummate touch of one of Krieghoff's highly skilled gunmaker's.

The barrel lengths, choking, ribs are all important depending on your choice of discipline. Haggis and Shaun's knowledge of the Krieghoff K80's is our strong point. Between them they have over 25 years experience of shooting and setting up the Krieghoff shotguns, so it is right for you. They have also been involved in the development of the Supersport K80 and the design of the sporting stock.

We pride ourselves in getting it right and we are always more than happy to spend time with customers ensuring the set up and gun fit is correct for you. Customer service and satisfaction is what we are about. So do not hesitate to call us for a discussion on the Krieghoff shotguns.